Follow the dream

About Me
I'm a full stack developer who loves to tackle hard problems.

Currently, I am working as a Language Operations Engineer at Google Inc. My work is focusing on localizing Google Voice Search for new emerging market countries. I have worked with many engineers and linguists from different countries to do various kinds of audio/text collection works. Our goal is to build the highest quality data to feed into Google's ASR/TTS system. Even though Google has a superb system and algorithm, it won't work out well without good amount of high quality data. That's how important our work is.

Previously, I worked in Big Data Department of Rakuten Inc. (Japan's biggest online shopping mall). I was working as a main developer building a Private Cloud or what we called "OS Provisioning Project". Basically, it's all about making the best new infrastructure to boost up the speed and quality of all development in the Big Data Department. I have designed, developed, and maintained whole system and architecture myself. This has given me a chance to gain vast experiences in many different programming languages and areas from DevOps, Backend til Frontend development.

I also have experienced working in an International team across the globe ( Europe, US, and Japan locations ). In Aug 2014, I have been to Paris to deploy and work closely with Europe team to deploy my development solution which had leveraged a performance and speed of EU infrastructure.

I have also joined and won many exciting competitions in many places around the world. In 2015, I won Thailand X Taiwan OpenData Hackathon by creating a webapp to visualize 7 Dangerous New Year’s Holidays in Thailand. In 2014, I joined and won Photo Hack Day Japan by making TimeTravel webapp. Another interesting event is Startup Weekend which I got the 1st prize from the "MommySitter" project.

Aside from work and competitions, I’m enthusiasm in cutting-edge web technology and robotics. I love coding and like tackling challenging problems. I always believes “Dream is the great power that drive us to success.” Making living robot and connect it to the Internet world is one of my greatest dream and I won’t stop my way of life until I can make it into reality!